An Open Letter to Christine Blasey Ford

Dear Dr. Blasey Ford,

I want to thank you for standing up, for telling your account of your assault at the hands of Judge Kavanaugh even though it was painful and terrifying. Your bravery amazes me. I want you to know that I stand with you and that I believe you.

And I want to make you a promise.

You see, I am an educator. I work with brilliant, goofy and cheeky little people that fill my heart with hope for the positive ways this world can change and grow.

I promise you that I will teach them all that their bodies are their own.

I will teach them that when they say “no” it matters, and when they hear “no” they must stop.

I will model respect and kindness in my interactions with them and our broader community so that they learn to be respectful and kind.

I will show them the injustices of the world in developmentally appropriate ways and teach them that even little people can have a big impact when they stand up and make the choice to make things better.


Natasha Kocher, RECE