About Me

Hi there and welcome! My name is Natasha and this is my space to share things I write about my amazing journey as an Early Childhood Educator.

I am a mother of two brilliant little fire crackers that keep me on my toes. Partner to an amazing human being named Ryan who makes me laugh and encourages me.

During the first five years of my career I worked in institutional child care settings, however after Ryan and I welcomed our sweet little girl into our lives I decided to take a different path as an educator. I founded my home child care program, Red River Early Learning Centre, and I haven’t looked back! My heart belongs in home child care; I love the slow pace of our days and the flexibility of the curriculum, as well as the amount of individualized attention I can provide to the children in my care.

I am a huge advocate for play. Risky play, messy play, creative play, ALL THE PLAY! There is no better way for children to learn and grow. I also believe children should spend the majority of their day exploring in nature. Nature has the best loose parts!

Thanks for visiting!