Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day

Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day is set aside to acknowledge the huge difference ECEs make in the lives of families as well as the impact they have within the broader community.

Early Childhood Educators are experts in child development. We are passionate professionals that assess children’s needs and design curriculum to scaffold and support children’s individual stages of development and growth. We strive to cultivate healthy and trusting relationships with children and their families so that learning can blossom.

Everyday Early Childhood Educators are committed to providing exceptional learning opportunities for young children in environments that are caring and welcoming. We build bridges with families between school and home that allow us to work collaboratively to support each unique child.

Yet our work is still undervalued in society; we are seen as babysitters and those of us that work in the school system are often just thought of as assistants rather than teaching partners. This has to change! Research has demonstrated time and time again the importance of quality early learning and care programs and it is time that we begin to acknowledge the value of the educators who are committed to creating these high quality learning environments for children.

If you have an Early Childhood Educator in your life let them know how important they are today and everyday.

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. – Henry Adams

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