13 Signs That You Might Be a Crunchy Childcare Provider

I’ve been called crunchy a time or two as a parent and I’m also a bit “granola” in my practice as an early childhood educator.

Now I can hear a few of you asking, “What does crunchy even mean?”

Well,  Wiktionary defines crunchy as “Having sensibilities of a counter-culture nature lover or hippie; derived from the concept of crunchy granola.”

Even though some people use the term crunchy with a sigh and an eyeroll, I’ve fully embraced my crunchy/granola/neo-hippy leanings. I think the kids in my class really benefit from the gentle approach I use as well as the close connection we share with nature.

Think you might be a crunchy childcare provider? I’ve compiled this handy list of signs below just for fun. Thanks for the help with it Lesley!

  1. Wearing a baby is your favorite fashion accessory, in fact you occasionally wear more than one!
  2. There is a jar of coconut oil in your medication box.
  3. You regularly meditate with 3 year olds.
  4. Kale chips are a treat.
  5. When you clean the guts out of a squash you save some of the seeds to grow in the spring.
  6. You’ve made your own yogurt for snack.
  7. You’ve also made your own granola and bread, often with the help of small people.
  8. Many of your students’ favorite toys are recycled materials or thrift store rescues.
  9. You’ve taken the children on foraging adventures.
  10. You’re not a farmer but you have (or want) backyard/play yard chickens.
  11. Single use plastics make you cringe so you make your own beeswax wraps for food.
  12. You have an essential oil for every occasion and know how to use them safely.
  13. You can sew or crochet just about any curriculum material.

What are some ways that you embrace your crunchy side in your program?

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