Home Child Care High/Scope Conference

Today I had an amazing opportunity to attend the Home Child Care High/Scope Conference hosted by the Region of Waterloo Home Child Care. I was thrilled to meet some educators I had previously only interacted with online.

Beginning with the Perry Preschool Study, [High/Scope] revolutionized early childhood education with a new approach to teaching and learning. Research-based and child-focused, the HighScope Curriculum uses active participatory learning and the plan-do-review process to achieve powerful, positive outcomes. (High/Scope

Lesley and I attended the workshop Building Authentic Relationships with Children ? in the morning.

There was a lot of really amazing content that discussed the importance of authentic relationships in early learning and care. It was really interesting to learn some new approaches to deepen conversations with children.

This video that the presenter shared moved me so much.

After lunch we attended two workshops. The first workshop of the afternoon focused on risky (challenging) play outdoors and its benefits for children across the spectrum of development.
Risky play has such a huge affect on executive function. Giving children the opportunity to explore risk in their play encourages problem solving, social skills and resilience.

When we encourage children to face small fears when they’re small, they’ll be able to overcome the big fears when they’re big.

During the last workshop of the day we explored developing positive relationships with families. Relationships are the heart of early learning, building supportive and trusting relationships with children and families is such a huge part of our professional practice.

It was such an amazing day! I’m excited to read through my handouts and really take some time to digest the information so that I can implement it in my practice. I love being an Early Childhood Educator simply because it is a living profession in which there are always opportunities to learn and grow as a teacher.

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