Self-Assessment Tool – Part 1 – Reflection Questions

1. Reflect on your practice and think broadly about what impacts your work

Brainstorm and make a list of things that impact your work.

  • Child Care and Early Years Act Regulations relating to independent home child care.
  • Developing supportive and collaborative relationships with families.
  • Creating a classroom environment that acts as a “third teacher” (Reggio Educational Philosophy).
  • Implementing programming for a multi-age class. 
  • Developing creative invitations to learn.
  • Networking with colleagues as an independent child care provider.

2. Think about the role of others in your professional practice. How do you seek, offer and consider feedback from others? What have you learned from others? What do others learn from you?

Working as an independent home child care provider I don’t have the opportunity to interact in person with colleagues every day. My networking has to be very intentional as I set aside time in my day to speak to other professionals through messenger or in child care provider forums regarding their struggles and my own relating to implementing a quality program.
I communicate with parents every day through HiMama; allowing them a window in to our program and keeping them up to date on their child’s daily activities. Parents are able to give me active feedback through the app as the day progresses. I also maintain a blog of learning stories (Red River Learning Stories) and invite parent input.
Comments from parents have shown me areas where my program really shines and also places I can improve in order to better meet the needs of families and children.
During my career I have learned from other professionals in the field how to effectively link concepts to experiences through playful learning every day and that the best way to manage a classroom is to control the environment. I like to think that I pass these two very important lessons on as others observe my program on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

3. Based on your professional practice and notes above, what additional knowledge, skills or resources do you need to support your strengths, areas for growth, leadership development or professional learning interests?

  • Dedicate time to interact with colleagues personally; whether it is a chat over coffee (or perhaps even over skype?)
  • Observe the business social media pages of other home child care providers to seek inspiration to implement within my own program (such as Fairy Dust Teaching).
  • Create detailed posts regarding my own activities, program plans, and excursions to share with other educators.
  • Continue to improve methods of implementing programming effectively for children of varying ages and skill levels.
  • Attend professional development to further understand the intricacies of the Child Care and Early Years Act as it applies to both home child care and institutional care.
  • Read books about implementing play based and nature based learning. Check out webinars and other professional development on the same topic.
  • Implement methods to include parents in our program in a variety of ways.

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