Professional Development Training (Before CPL)

Even before the CPL Professional Learning Portfolio was implemented by the College of Early Childhood Educators I attended a number of professional development training sessions to ensure that my educational strategies remained current in the classroom.

Acorn Collaborative: Video Documentation 04/28/2007
Personal and Professional Leadership 06/27/2007
Providers Helping Providers Conference: Managing Misbehaviour/Little Hands Talking 11/03/2007
I Am Clay Workshop 11/07/2007
Toddler Art Studio 01/09/2008
Second Step: A Violence Prevention Curriculum 02/09/2008
Leadership Develops Daily, Not in a Day 06/19/2008
Rock and Roll Recharge: Stress Mess/Kinderscience 02/21/2009
Supporting the Halton Community 03/30/2009
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Brain Workshop 02/24/2011
Sexualized Behaviour in Children 09/13/2011
ASQ-3 and Social Development Handbook Training 2011
Emergent Curriculum Series 10/01/2011
Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale Training 07/19/2011
Identifying and Extending Children’s Learning 09/18/2012
Caring for the Caregiver: Compassion Fatigue 10/09/2012
RIRO Resiliency Skills Training 02/21/2012
Emergent Practice with Infants and Toddlers 05/29/2012
Playful Inquiry-Based Learning 06/19/2012
Machines: A Perfect Metaphor for Emergent Curriculum 05/12/2012
Pascal’s Vision 03/23/2013
Technology and Innovative Ideas in the Classroom 03/23/2013
CPI: Sharing Strategies (Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Program) 10/02/2013
Beginning ASL 07/13/2013
Home Childcare Network 03/13/2014
Humane Education 04/14/2014
Let’s Open the Doors: Turning Curriculum Inside Out 04/16/2014
Breaking Down Gender Stereotypes 03/07/2015
Constructivist Approach to Early Learning 03/07/2015
Invitation to Play and Learn 10/10/2015
The Importance of Early Experiences 10/10/2015
How Playing is School Readiness 10/10/2015
Family Engagement 04/20/2016
Why Infant Mental Health Experts Say Sensitive Care and Play Trump Early Academics 04/27/2016

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